Let’s spread our love through art.
#ThisArtistLovesYou is a movement to show love to those in need.

Physical and mental illness, loneliness and depression are always a real crisis.  Let’s keep it going and spread “love” through art.


How it Works

The guidelines are simple, flexible and scalable.

  1. Create art from the heart.
  2. Share it with those who need it.

When you participate, take a photo and share it with the hashtag #thisartistlovesyou on social media.   You can also include a note for the recipient to share it displayed using the same hashtag.  Let’s see how much love we can spread.

If you decide to participate, download the badge provided and place it on your website, Facebook page or wherever.    Also, optionally, you can include the “letter of explanation” that explains what we are trying to do!

Sharing During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

During the pandemic, there are many ways to share your art with those who could use something to brighten their day. Some examples include:

  1. Send art to nursing homes. Brighten their hallways.  Send original artwork, art cards, packages, etc.   If you are concerned about sending mail or packages due to potential spread, it’s ok to wait until the pandemic simmers down.   Those folks would still enjoy getting something at any time.  My thought is that so many elderly residents are unable to receive visitors, but they may be able to receive a card.   You can send it to someone specific… or send it randomly.  Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have bulletin boards.
  2. Send to fire stations, urgent care centers, medical facilities.
  3. Send as a “thank you” to restaurants who are surviving on take-out services.
  4. Send as a “thank you” to grocery store managers to hang in their break rooms.

Yes, I know there may be restrictions on incoming mail and packages. Some will be able to accept, and some won’t, but what does it hurt to try.  You could always call ahead to see. 

Also, nothing says you can’t send electronically too.   Many of these facilities can print out.

Then, let’s keep it going…

While this initiative is being started during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we would like to extend it beyond this crisis.